Debbie has breast cancer and needs your help urgently

Idiagbonya Osarere Debbie is a medical technician who is suffering from 4th grade Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – cancer of the breast and its spreading really really fast. One of the breasts is condenmed already and it has moved to the second breast and her neck. She desperately needs N6 million for surgery and her family and friends say that she has barely one month more to live without surgery.

Please please, donate to debbie, no matter how small, please. Continue to see photos of Debbi’s condition right now.


To donate to Debbie – Account details below
Bank: Access bank
Account no: 0000216933
Account name: Idiagbonya Osarere.

And if you need to reach anyone for more details about Debbie’s condition, then please call these numbers – 08096682757 or 08030968033.


  1. Anonymous

    Debbie, silver nor gold hav I none but I pray dis day dt God wil use men of women wit gud heart to visit ur cnditn and God wil heal u cmpletely in Jesus name amen

  2. Anonymous

    D God dat heal d woman wt d issue of blood n raised lazarus frm dead is stil in existence,He shal do same 4 u in jesus name.amen.Debbie u r heal in jesus name

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