Dare Art Alade Naked Pictures Hits The Internet

Trying to Break the Internet?
Oh Well, Darey Art-Alade has done something quite different. From his style of music to the coordination and concepts of his concerts and now, his album cover. – Well This is totally New. The singer has over the past month, raised awareness for his latest studio album set to be released soon.
On Sunday, he shared a photo of himself naked with the hashtag, #DareyNaked.
The picture which was shot by Kelechi Amadi, may most likely be the cover of his upcoming album.
He posted alongside his pic
Being Naked isn’t just about Nudity, it’s also
about being honest, being vulnerable, being real. Today, I’m asking you all to do something you’ve never done before. Tell someone something (like how much you appreciate them), apologize for something, share something you’ve been meaning to, launch a new idea you’ve been nursing, a new ambition, anything…and Tag me in it using #DareyNaked #Naked
A photo posted by Darey Art Alade (@dareydarey)…


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