Daddy Showkey Laments On The Increasing Rate Of Murder In Ajegunle, Shares Graphic Photo Of A Murdered Man

Daddy Showkey

Veteran Nigerian galala singer, Daddy Showkey took to his Instagram page this morning to laments on the increasing rate of murder in Ajegunle, Lagos State.

He shared the photo of a man killed by some unknown men on the 9th of July.

He wrote,

AJEGUNLE PEOPLE CRYING FOR HELP THE KILLING IS TOOMUCH AND NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ARE WE NOT IN LAGOS OR WE ARE NOT NIGERIANS PLEASE HELP US, THEY KILL PEOPLE EVERYDAY IN AJEGUNLE NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT PLS HELP US NOW . We are trying to Give Ajegunle a good name and some stupid idiot are busy killing our youths in Ajegunle. I am begging the Nigerian authority to come to the aid of the people of Ajegunle now,before they will kill every growing youth in Ajegunle. They kill people as if human life has no value. Am begging the Nigerian authorities one more time to come to aid of budding Ajegunle youths before things get out of hand and we take laws into our hands. Please I am begging with tears in my eyes. These young man was killed 3days ago on the 9th of July,2017. They will never stop us from doing what we are doing for AJEGUNLE #ajegunletotheworld #ajegunle#waragainstkillingouryouths.

Daddy Showkey

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