D banj having secret affair with florence ita giwa

D’Banj and Florence Ita-Giwa at her birthday last year
You read some stories and you cringe. I have a hard time believing this one. D’banj is loaded, he has Genny by his side, he just signed with Kanye West, what would he want with Florence Ita-Giwa? What does she have to offer him? Anyway, you read the story and make of it what you want.

Here’s how societynowng.com is reporting it.
A very guarded romance is on. And it revolves around two interesting personalities. Popular entertainer widely known as D’Banj, and celebrated politician, Florence Ita – Giwa. The duo are said to be engulfed in a very discreet but passionate affair at present; an affair that has been on for some time now.
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