Cynthia Morgan Fire Back At Davido On Twitter 

Last week Davido tweeted that Lil Kesh deserved to win Next Rated at Headies Awards. 

Today, one of the nominees in the category, Cynthia Morgan fired back at him, saying everyone on the list is MVP and in her own words, he needs to ‘calm dah f**k down!*


  1. ope

    oh pls Cynthia Morgan should take several toilet seats….she’s always trying to prove she’s bad ass but its obvious she takes things personal and things get to her easily with the way she’s always ranting and throwing shade and replying every negative thing people say about her….you are a celeb,negative things comes with the job duh! not every1 will like you,davido recommended lilkesh that’s all,why is she the only one that complained,others on the list didn’t….bleh!…Cynthia stop being a cry baby and focus on your hair, we are in the era of change it needs one

  2. Slim

    @ ope, don’t fucking put the blame on Cynthia cuz the way Davido put that word down it sound like his the one that will gave Lil kesh the award and its not like that, at least if we pay full attention on BET they only gave african artist THE BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT the rest of the award is their artist, cuz the meaning of that BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT, which means we are copy em if u noticed that word very well, so we need to prove em one day but how can we prove em?

  3. ope

    Errr slim,davido is an outspoken person and trust me he can say whatever he likes….as far as he’s concerned he thinks lilkesh deserves the award…. He was just airing his own opinion….when did freedom of speech or freedom of tweeting become a crime….if it was a random person that twisted it,you won’t notice but because its davido its a big deal lol and why is she the only one that clapped back, am sure reekado,korede and others saw davido’s tweet why didn’t they complain cos they are matured,Cynthia is so immature…. Pls further explain the BET part cos I don’t understand its usefulness in this situation

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