Crown Natures Gives Fashion Facelift

 Crown Natures Nigeria Limited, (CNNL), a registered limited liability company, has taken the fashion scene by storm with the introduction of its unique range of Baseball caps, Polo caps, Sunvisor, Bucket hats, Special Hats and Fidel Castro. They come in exotic African hand and machine print fabrics – Ankara, Tye & Dye (Adire), Kente, Aso oke and Batik as a lifestyle brand.

Mrs. Oluwabusayo Gbaluwe, the Operations Manager of Crown Natures, said the company aims to promote and showcase the rich African culture, while increasing the existing value chain of Cotton to garment/apparel as an accessory complimenting other fashionable accessories. “We have identified every Head as a potential Cap and Hat wearer.”
Mrs. Gbaluwe added that “Our ethnic exotic Caps and Hats seek to increase the confidence of Africans in African originated fabrics and also give identity in unity to Africans across the globe, while revealing the inexhaustible potentials in Africa by Africans to non Africans in the globe as the NEXT continent to watch out for.”
Crown Natures Nigeria Limited is an indigenous manufacturer of headwear. The company’s operation started in October 2006, and it has successfully pioneered the 21st century headwear production as it is obtainable globally.

The main products of the company are various types of Caps and Hats such as Baseball Caps, Polo Caps, Sunvisors, Bucket Hats, Special visors, Fidel Castro caps.  The company is equipped with state-of-the-art modern headwear technology machinery, which is globally used in production of Caps and Hats with technically skilled manpower machinists to deliver high quality standardized products measurable with the international standards.
“This earned us the Mancap certification by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).  All our products are Proudly made In Nigeria,” Mrs. Gbaluwe hinted, adding that “Our caps and products are general or custom-made to specifications using fabric option ranging from Chinos cotton, Polyester, Combed cotton, Denim etc.
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