Court of Appeal Bans Lagos State Monthly Environmental Sanitation

Court of Appeal Bans Lagos State Monthly Environmental Sanitation

Monthly environmental sanitation has been nullified by the Lagos State Court of Appeal, stating that it is illegal and ordered the Lagos State Government not to restrict people’s movement on such days.

The judgement of the court over the weekend banned the state government from restricting anyone’s movement within Lagos State at any time or day on the basis of environmental sanitation as there is no written law to that effect.

According to Justice Ugochukwu Ogakwu of the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division, in the absence of a written law prescribing the same, the governor’s directive for people in Lagos State to stay at home and not to move about thereby restricting movement of persons in Lagos State within the hours of 7.00am to 10.00am on the last Saturday of every month was unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional.

The suit was brought before the court by a citizen, Faith Okafor (Appellant) against the Lagos State Government (Respondent). The court restrained the Lagos State Government and its affiliates from further arresting anyone whatsoever on the basis of a purported environmental sanitation offence or trialing anyone in the Special Offences Court without conforming to the dictates of the Constitution.

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