Competition: Win $1000 by dancing to Solidstar’s Skibo

Win $1000.

By Dancing to #skibo with a group of friends or alone and post video to YOUTUBE song by

SOLIDSTAR #SkiBO any1 that will dance to skibo and post on Youtube, simply send the link to

Follow him on twitter



@RealTeeAli ,

@OSSYACHIEVAS, @Solidstarisoko,







Just Dance anything on the Track download here Azonto, etighi, alanta, anything. The best dance video will be selected and the winner will have the opportunity of starring in the Video.and win $1000 Entry Closes on September 1st. God bless U as U dance and Post, and expect the link of Solidstar dancing to #skibo b4 the end of tomorrow.

Skibo by Solidstar


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