Commercial plane Dana Air ‘crashes into building in Lagos’

A commercial plane Dana Air has crashed into residential
buildings in Toyin area of Iju Ishaga, Lagos

No word yet on the number of causalities but our
correspondent said there are 153 passengers including
crew members on board.

The plane is arriving Lagos from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital

Details soon


  1. Anonymous

    its rather too unfortunate the way we take issues especially as regards safety and security of human lives in this country… we must learn to be proactive in dealing with this kind of situation instead of avoiding responsibility and projecting for 2015.We should stop pursuing shadows but learn to hold substance .

  2. Anonymous

    The problem is our leaders are not focus with issues regarding her citizens rather they prefer cheap popularity in public…. they know what the problems are but greed and self satisfaction wil not allow them see clearly, we seriously need GOD intervention in this country of ours with leaders of conscience.

  3. I’m trying harder to see things from other people’s perspective (the Nigerian perspective), so it seems to me like a good time to pick up some things that just fell from the sky. He won’t be needing that ring anymore. Those gold teeth won’t do this guy any good anymore. Hmm…Oh! Nice shoes! Goddamn, I wonder if this plane was carrying any liquor and if it’s still intact.To see more info please visit

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