Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran to attend couples therapy


Chris and Karueche have been very public about
their recent split. Chris’ mom has chimed in a few
times, even making her son apologize to Karrueche.

HollywoodLife has just learnt that his mom is also
pushing them to go to couple’s therapy.

“Mama Joyce thinks he should do two things: the
first is couples therapy and the second is getting
the hell out of Twitter and Instagram.”

“She told him ‘if you’re going to be with Karrueche,
y’all need to do therapy together. If y’all want to
fight, fight in therapy with a professional.’ She told
him y’all are both stupid for fighting in public for the
whole world to see. Y’all look like a bunch of
animals at the circus and y’all need to quit,’ a
source explained.

“He’s down with doing sessions with Karrueche but
getting off Instagram and Twitter, that ain’t
happening,” they added.

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