Charlie Boy Advice’s Young Couple To cut Coat According To Their Size


Charly Boy is raising an eyebrow over the elaborate weddings staged by young people, especially in entertainment industry. He dropped few words of advise for them this morning, saying that the best thing is to “cut your coat according to your size”.

“One of my favorite sayings is, “cut your coat according to your size not your neighbor’s size” abegi. Why must one go a borrowing just to impress people when the aftermath of the ceremony leaves you in debt especially at the point where you have to start to think of someone else in regards to raising a family.

My advice to young people is that it’s not how expensive your occasion is that guarantees a stable married life. Instead of spending such a huge amount, to have an elaborate wedding and when the debts pile up, the quarrels will begin, the advice I give young couples is that they should have a long financial discussion before marriage, issues like who pays what bills and when should be addressed. One of the major conflicts people have in marriages is always financially related so it is very important to have this talk about the kind of financial future they want to have and strategize on how they intend to achieve it. Abi? Weytin you think

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