Chairman, Consumer Protection Agency, Alhaji Abdulkadir Hadejia Says “the way man treats Chicken is Cruel”

A Nigerian state has guaranteed chickens and other poultry birds such as chickens, guinea fowl, duck and pigeon a new lease of life, at least a better, gentler handling by man, before they end up in the soup pot or the barbecue stove.
Nigeria’s Jigawa State has banned their maltreatment by man and has threatened to prosecute traders, who do so in the state.
The Chairman, Consumer Protection Agency in the state, Alhaji Abdulkadir Hadejia, gave the warning during a sensitisation exercise at Furji Market in Yankwashi Local Government Area.
The News Agency of Nigeria quoted him as saying the government had placed a ban on the manhandling of chickens in all markets across the state and warned that defaulters would be prosecuted. He did not spell out the specific sanctions.
“The action is cruel, inhuman and exposes the animals to maltreatment.
“Hawkers of chickens should pack their animals in a crate rather than hanging them with their head down in the name of marketing.
“The ban applies to all poultry sellers, such as chicken, guinea fowl, duck and pigeon.
“Anybody found manhandling the animals will be prosecuted,” he warned.
Hadejia said the action was part of a comprehensive campaign to check the abuse and encourage proper handling of chicken and other poultry animals by traders.
He said the agency had conducted similar sensitisation exercise in more than 40 village markets across the state.
According to him, the government has also worked out modalities to upgrade some markets in the state to enhance commercial activities at the grassroots.

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