Can you sing? Win N100, 000 In The “SingForDealDey”Contest, Nigeria's premier group-buying

site is TWO, and to celebrate their anniversary, they

are rewarding current and prospective customers

with a chance to win over N100,000 and other cash


In the #Sing4DealDey competition, YOU can be

the star of DealDey and also be one of the

three lucky winners;

· Ist Prize: N100,000

· 2nd Prize: N75,000

· 3rd Prize: N50,000

The winner will be selected by our brand

ambassador, MoCheddah. Continue to see how you

can win…

To win;

· Write a special song for DealDey, and

make a video of yourself alone or with

friends singing the song

· Upload your video on YouTube and title it

as #Sing4DealDey (space) your name/group


· Log on to DealDey's Facebook page: http://

· Click on the #Sing4DealDey tab just under

the cover photo

· Fill out the information there and paste

your video Url from Youtube

· Submit Entry

It's really that simple and you could be the proud

winner of N100,000. Imagine what you could

achieve with N100,000, all the cool things you could

buy… don't you delay another second. Grab your

video phone or any recording device and get

recording. Ask a fried to help record while you do

your thing or simply do your thing your way.

Disclaimer: Dealdey is not on a hunt for pitch

perfect voices and is in no way affiliated to any

running competition which scouts for specific

talents. Dealdey is simply on the hunt for creativity

and expression and in celebration of our

2nd Anniversary.

In other words, you don't have to be a SUPER

SINGER to enter this contest. Creativity and

expression are the key factors. Whether you're

singing for Dealdey in a commuter bus or you're

doing it P Square's style on a speed boat cruise in

the Atlantic, do your thing and you could be the

winner! Second and Third places also get N75,000

and N50,000 respectively.

It's on then… Let the singing begin!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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