Breaking news: FG withdraws operating license of Dana Airlines

The Federal Government this afternoon withdrew the operating license of Dana Airlines following the crash that left over 160 dead two days ago. What do you think about this? Was the federal government right?


  1. Anonymous

    Yes Federal Government is very very right, because the DANA AIRLINE management did not care for human s life but the care for the money the are going make and that is why they did not check the plan before taking off. Am very happy to hear that FG do that because 160 people’s is not 1 person

  2. Rotimi

    This is a step in the right direction. I will implore the Fed govt to complete the investigation ASAP . This should reveal info as per who @ Dana Air ordered the air plane to fly & who in d Fed Aviation Authority permitted the plane to fly.

  3. Anonymous

    Lol @ best decision…
    Was Belview’s operating license not withdrawn? Ddt they rebrand as First Nation years after?
    The solution is with Aviation. If strict measures are taken then these airline operators wud know that human lives are important and would take it as such.

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