Boko Haram makes over N4b a year, ranked 10th richest in the world


According to Forbes Isreal, NIgerian terrrorist
group, Boko Haram is the 10th richest in the world.
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The sect’s annual revenue is placed at $25 million
(N4,232,496,089.17) and it comes last on a list
which has the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)
at the top.

According to the Forbes ranking, ISIS has an annual
income of $2 billion. Hamas is second with a yearly
revenue of $1 billion while Colombia’s FARC is
ranked third with a $600 million annual turnover.
Hezbollah is fourth with $500 million.

Fifth on the Forbes list is the Taliban with $400
million, followed by Al-Qaida and its affiliates with
$150 million; Pakistani-based Lashkar e-Taiba with
$100 million;
Somalia’s Al-Shabaab with $100 million; Real IRA
with $50 million; and, closing the top-ten list is
Boko Haram, with a $25 million annual revenue.
Boko Haram was previously listed as the 7 richest
terrorist group in the world.

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