#BigtimiBlog: The devil wants to steal our industry – Julius Agwu reveals

Julius agwu


Having survived brain surgery earlier this year, veteran comedian and comic actor, Julius Agwu appears to have discovered a new perspective on life. This eye-opening interview will thrill you!

42-year old veteran comedian, Julius Agwu, undoubtedly had a tough year in 2015, but the comic actor bounced back in full force.

We reported it here last week when he shared an artwork for the video of his upcoming gospel song, ‘Second Chance’ . He also announced he will be opening a Christian nightclub in Lekki and also start his own Christian TV show.

In his interview with TVC Entertainment, he speaks on the fact that during his low moments, there were quite a number of people in the entertainment industry who weren’t loyal to him.

He mentioned a couple of names and explained that it is the people who are with you during your hard times that you should always hold close.

According to him, most of these people never gave him credit for the impact he had in their lives but now they’ve done a 360 and are giving him his due credit.

In the interview he also talks about the steps he is taking to prevent the devil from entering the entertainment industry. He also explains why the primary targets of the devil are entertainers.


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