#BigtimiBlog: AEL Awards (@AELAWARDS) to recognize over 40 African entertainers this November!



Having studied the progress of entertainment over the years, AELA feels it is high time to start celebrating true entertainment legends in Africa and Africans in diaspora, those who have exceptionally distinguished themselves in excellent delivery in their various fields of Entertainment and has remained consistent over the years.
AELA is also geared towards recognizing and celebrating the young emerging entertainers , Brands and personalities across Africa for their contributions in rendering quality entertainment.
As such the all talked about African Entertainment Legends Award is here…
Come November 29 at the Bespoke Centre,38 award categories and 3 recognition awards would be presented to deserving entertainers, and would cut across different fields from Corporate Brands being celebrated for excellence in delivery and remaining consistent and NGO's being recognized for their humanitarian activities and so forth.
In a chat with the CEO Mr Afarm, he said AEL Awards has come to stay , as far as the earth remains.
The night would feature guest acts as Minjin, Adekunle Gold, Toby Grey, Isaac Gerald, Ajebo, Elvis Grey, BXY , May Owen, SeyiLaw, Akpororo, Emeka Smith, Ushbebe Pencil, Whalemouth, Princewill and a list of others and would be hosted by the delectable Denrele Edun , Ify Oluku and Wofai.


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