Bigtimi Exclusive Interview with OLORISUPEGAL

On Wednesday, I Had an interview with the superb blogger, Oluwatosin Ajibade very well known as Olorisupergal. The Interview held on  twitter with her handle which is @olorisupergal. This is what the Blogger, Online Marketer had to say to the questions which i asked her.
#1 whats ur full name pls? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
Ajibade Oluwatosin
#2 what does Ajibade Tosin do?
into social media marketing
What inspire or brought about the name Olorisupergal?#BigtimiExclusiveInterview
the name olorisupergal – I love royalty I chose Olori for myself , supergal – a friend gave me that name, n since then I got used to it. The name sounds funny I know but I love it.. royalty mixed with a cartoon name aint easy tho’… Lol!!!!
Has #superGal affected u, like u wanting to jump 4rm an upstairs? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
no, it has not.
So what does @olorisupergal do apart 4rm social marketing #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
right now, I’m focusing on my professional exams for ICAN , will be chartered soon….
Ok, u run a blog? Whats it al about and d url? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
the blog olorisupergal is an entertainment blog the url is
Ok,for sme guys wey wan knw, @olorisupergal Are u Single?
yes I am single …
@olorisupergal ok what/who inspire ur blogging #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
a friend inspired me to do that, I started blogging February 2010 and its been 2 yrs now
Ok, do u see @lindaikeji as an obstacle to ur blogging? @olorisupergal #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
na, I don’t. A lot of people blog, website owners use to blog b4 they finally went to www
ok, financial wise, Is your blog making money for you? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
yes it .. I make money from it
Where do u see yourself in the next 5yrs? @olorisupergal #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
big , know globally… Good things.
Do u model? 
No I don’t .. I’m not into modelling 
Have you ever had any Horrible moment? @olorisupergal #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
I can’t remember any now ..
What is the Most Craziest thing you’ve ever done Supergal #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
Errm!!! I can’t remember ooo .. Lol!!!
ok, so how do we contct you if we wnt u to wrk for us? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
u can contact me on
ok, what do you have to say to the people out there. @OloriSupergal #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
be urself and n be the best you can.. That’s all!!!
Your Remark on the Brand #Bigtimi@OloriSupergal
nice job and keep the good work …

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