BEZ Superson debut album set to release in july 2011

Fans of Nigeria’s rising
Alternative Soul artiste;
Bez Idakula can finally
heave a huge sigh of
relief as the
bespectacled, whiz-on
strings musician has
arrangements for his
album release. The
hugely anticipated Super
Sun album, a career
debut from the
incredibly talented
artiste is set to be
officially released in July
The 13 track album
which was entirely
produced by the
enigmatic Cobhams
Asuquo, with the
exception of one track
produced by IBK,
captures the rare and
un-distilled essence of
Bez, featuring hits such
as‘Zuciya Daya’ – (One
Heart), ‘More You’ ‘Stop
Pretending’ and the self
titled ‘Super Sun’.

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