Beyoncé sued for allegedly copying ‘XO’ song!


Beyoncé has been having a splendid year up till
now – because according to TMZ, someone is
suing the queen Bee for stealing a song from her.
According to the up and coming singer Javon Lane,
Beyoncé stole his song ‘XO’ and put it on her fifth
studio album.

Javon Lane claims he wrote a number named
‘XOXO’ and shared it with another singer who does
background vocals for Beyoncé, the track
supposedly ended up in her hands and a copycat
track emerged. Beyoncé is now being sued for $3

Beyoncé who was named the highest earning
female entertainer of the year 2014 earlier
today definitely has more than enough money to
spare but we doubt the 33-year-old singer will let
her image be tarnished by an up and coming singer.

So far Beyoncé’s camp has been silent about the
We also have to wonder what The Dream, singer
and producer, will have to say about all this as he
is the one who has the credits for writing
Beyonce’s XO song.

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