Been A Victim Of A Night Stand? See Why Its Bad


I’d love me a one night stand right? Wrong

One night stands are no more scowled upon, as much as they used to be, and it is no more socially unacceptable. On the other hand, whilst we are not the ones to judge, here are 6 great motivations to you to keep away from them if you are not a fan.

1. One night stand aren’t safe

Above all else, you should constantly consider your own security. A one night stand,whether its with somebody you are familiar with or not, is putting you in a very vulnerable position with a man that, at best, you don’t even know very well. would you risk your safety and your future life for an un-guaranteed moment of ecstasy.

2. What about your reputation

You don’t want to get a reputation of being easy,because even in today’s liberated and tolerant society,if you have that kind of unflattering reputation,you’ll scare off all the good guys..

3. How about your health

We would prefer not to get excessively therapeutic about this, however you know the dangers. There are sufficient individuals out there with STD’S and you would prefer not to be another. On the off chance that he’s doing this with you, he’s likely done it before with others as well.

4. Self respect

How are you going to feel about this in the morning ? once the energy and potentially the liquor have worn off, remember that you will need to face yourself in the morning in the mirror.

5. He may not have have had time to shower

There may not be time for the niceties of shower in a moment of unbridled passion..fine, so long as its not been a week since his last one.

6. You could wind up as an overnight web sensation!

A few folks like to take a photo of their most recent triumph and post it on the web, so make sure that you comprehend what he’s doing with his phone in the morning, while you’re resting, generally this one night stand can cost you a great deal!


Do you see one night stands as a profoundly important and fun action or do you like to maintain a strategic distance from it?


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