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  1. If you have ever learned about soaicl science, you will know that identity involves not only subjective factors but also personal value judgements. Have you ever try to apply for US visa, UK visa, etc? What will you choose for the nation? Hong Kong SAR or China? (yes, there is a choice for Hong Kong’). Needless to say, in foreigners’ view, we are Hongkongers, and Hongkoners are evidently different from Chinese. When we win a medal in the Olympic Game, it is our flag to raise!! Only Chinese or those who regard themselves as Chinese would say HongKongers is the same as Chinese. Of course, you can regard yourself as Chinese, but please don’t try to convince me, or force me, to think as you do. Identity is about what I think about myself, MY personal judgement.

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  11. Hello,We are coaching/mentoring a FIRST LEGO League robotics team of fifth graders in Carlsbad. Our team would be interested in exhibiting their bioengineering-related research project to the community a the Adventures in Science and Music and getting other students excited about math, science and technology by demonstrating LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots and promoting FIRST LEGO League.What are the specific criteria for exhibiting?Thank you for any info you provide.Sincerely,Anna Lozar

  12. I always heard something from my neighbor that he sometimes goes to the internet bar to play the game which will use him some ,he usually can win a lot of ,then he let his friends all have some ,his friends thank him very much for introducing them the ,they usually together.

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