ASUU To Dispute UNILAG Name Change

This should come as no shocker as ASUU, The Academic Staff Union Of Universities have openly come out stating that they plan to resist the name change of the University Of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University.
Here is a statement from the UNILAG branch chairman, Dr Karo Ogbinaka:
We are resisting it, all the unions and the students will resist it, the Alunmus will resist it. The truth about the whole thing is that it shows the level of intelligence of those people in government. Nobody will change Harvard’s name, nobody will change Cambridge’s name to Winston Churchill University. University of Lagos is a brand, for 50 years. The first university established by Act of Parliament and one man trying to score cheap political point. When people go outside and you ask them what University are you from? What name will you pronounce? They’ll ask is it a new university? Is it the name of a toothpaste? It’s a senseless thing and are going to resist it.”
In addition, the Save Nigeria Group have also expressed concerns over the name change.
Student continue to protest on the streets of Lagos, and have blocked the Third Mainland Bridge, and other major roads in Lagos.

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