Artistes, Fans, Critics and music lovers, this is for you! Unveiling “Afrobios”


In case you’re wondering (which Is very likely), Afrobios  is a subsidiary of Vuga Music Associates founded by Ralph Amachree and Christopher Okekeze

The platform is broken into the some main sections which I’ll be explaining below:
• First up is the Basic artist info – This section Displays the artist real name, age, date of birth, current record label, genre & Country. So if you have any unanswered questions about your fav artist, this is for you 😀
• Background Sections – This carries the artist biography and other personal information such as trivia questions fans wouldn’t otherwise have known, amongst other interesting information you won’t wanna miss!.
• Social Media Section – Now, I see this as very important to fans who are always on the lookout for platforms to show their love and might end up on fake accounts. This section Contains the artists confirmed and verified Facebook account, Instagram account & Twitter account.
• Also, There is the Artist Discography section – Displaying Albums & Popular singles. This also allows downloads and listens.
• Reference – Various secondary sources used for those who wish to find or know more about a particular artist.

  The most important thing that makes afrobios stand out is that the platform already has an API created along with an easy way for developers to incorporate what  has been built into their platforms using API Keys.

They are geared more towards a B2B model, so they would be looking to making strategic partnerships with platforms such as Spinlet, Grumi, Truspot to name a few in areas where they lack these features.

Now, I’m sure you’re pretty impressed, So what are you waiting for?!  The Platform is also available for mobile download on the Apple | Android Platforms. Get below!

You can also connect with them on the social platforms below.

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