APC manifesto can change anytime, It is not a Bible or Quran- Buhari


President-elect, Buhari told TVC that APC’s manifesto can change as it has to conform with the constitution of Nigeria.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

TVC: You sold the change message to Nigerians and they bought it by voting you into office, many Nigerians now see you as a magician sort of, expecting you to wave your magic wand and start making things happen once you get into office. Now how soon can Nigerians start seeing visible results of the change message.

GMB: I think from 1st of June this year. When we are sworn in, from the processes of picking ministers people will know we are living to our manifestos commitment.

And i will ask Nigerian political observers to please study our manifesto, it is not a Bible or the Quran, because you cant change the Quran, whatever is there you take it or you leave it, same thing with most part of the Bible. So, our manifesto was made by very very experienced Nigerians, they took several months to arrive at it but it’s subject to modification. As soon as we are in govt we will highly respect the role of the other two pillars of govt, the legislature and the judiciary, so whatever we said in our manifesto people must accept the fact that we have to modify certain things according to the law and constitution of the country.

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