“Americans don’t discriminate against fat people”- Eniola Badmus


Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus told Vanguard
that only Nigerians do discriminate and complain
about fat people.

The actress said that people in the US don’t
discriminate against people who are fat and have
big assets like hers.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

• On why she mostly play bad girl roles in movies
I don’t remember the ones that I played bad girl
recently, maybe before, but I know I’ve changed a
lot of stuffs. I’ve been playing other roles too and
the fact that I play bad girl role doesn’t mean I am
bad, maybe, I’m good at it though.

• On what she and Davido was doing together
Shout-out to my brother, Davido! That’s a movie
shoot, that’s my movie coming out sometime next
year. I shot some in Yankee and I’m shooting part
of it again in Nigeria

• On if she has ever thought of losing weight
Why is this my being big an issue to people? Okay,
everybody has to be very very slim, right? In the US
they don’t discriminate like this o, it’s only in
Nigeria people get worked up about being
overweight. I understand it is not healthy to be
overweight at all, but should it be an issue as a

• When asked if her weight had affected career, she
How now? That is what has been working for me. It
is not easy to be big and famous. Instead of my
weight being a drawback, it has actually been a

• On her relationship status
Yes, obviously, I would have someone I’m dating; I’ll
have somebody I’m planning marriage with, even if
I’m not planning marriage, at least I have somebody
I’m seeing.

• On what she find attractive in a man
I just like a regular guy that has talent, even if he
does not have talent, he has to be intelligent. A
regular man, an average man; but please no body
odour and no mouth odour, such are very important
to me.

• What has been the high point of your career?
I’m still not at the top of my game, I’m not there yet,
we’re still moving. We’ve not reached but we’re on
the way, we’re not where we used to be but we’re
still climbing

• Are you planning on getting married?
Yes now, every girl wants to get married at some
point in her life. Even if I’m getting married, nobody
would know though.

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