Amaka Igwe Announces the Launch of Q TV

Q, Nigeria’s latest entertainment channel is set to commence airing on DStv.

The new channel is set to provide viewers with exciting movies, thrilling dramas, inspiring documentaries, general interest programmes and much more.

 Founded by multi award winning hit filmmaker, producer and director, Amaka Igwe, Q is the first of its kind in the country and is positioned to be viewers’ one stop choice for original, exciting and entertaining television content.

In a statement issued in Lagos, today, the entertainment maven explained that the new channel was a lifelong dream of hers nurtured by her deep passion for the Nigerian entertainment industry.

“Q has been a long time coming. In my over 22 years of working with television, I have felt an enormous need for a platform that can adequately explore Nigeria’s enormous television potentials, one where content producers can truly call home.” she added.

“Q is primarily a series channel which presents programmes in a serial format. All programmes on this channel will be in multiples, connected or in a stand alone format, spanning several weeks, a quarter, multiple quarters or a year and beyond.”

She further disclosed that Q will have over 80% original Nigerian content.

“This channel is actually historic in many ways, chief of which is the fact that this is the first time a reputable production company will be setting up a platform primarily for exhibition of productions. Most people who have started television channels in this country have often been technical or   business oriented individuals, not experienced content producers.”

” Well Q intends to fill that vacuum. For me, Q makes me feel doubly blessed. Not only do I get to entertain Nigerians -something I’m very passionate about- I also get to fulfill a lifelong debt: that of providing the very best of entertainment. I’m grateful that Q gives me the opportunity to pay that debt in full.”
Q is owned by Q E-Networks Nigeria Ltd.

Amaka Igwe studied Education and Religious Studies at the Obafemi Awolowo University and is the C.E.O of Amaka Igwe Studios. She is also the brain behind the BOBTV, (Best of the Best TV) a yearly business and exchange platform for African content makers and content of African origin which holds in Abuja Nigeria. Some of her outstanding works include Violated, Rattlesnake, Checkmate, Fuji’s House of Commotion and A Barber’s Wisdom among many others.

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