Alleged UNILAG lecturer – “Baruwa” not an employee of the institution – VC

Unilag lecturer


The fact that the alleged University of Lagos lecturer, Dr. Afeez Baruwa, who allegedly raped an admission seeker in the institution and still standing trail is not an employee of the school has been re-emphasised by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Prof. Rahamon Bello. This, Bello said had contributed to the inability of the university authorities to punish him for allegedly raping an admission seeker in the school.

Baruwa allegedly raped an 18-year-old female who was seeking admission to the university.

Bello said the university had no relationship with Baruwa, hence it could not directly punish him as it did when its personnel were involved in sexual harassment in the past. He also noted that the institution had no relationship with the alleged victim.

The VC said the only formal relationship the university had with Baruwa was when he undertook his undergraduate and MSc programmes in Marketing at the institution’s Distance Learning Institute. He admitted that Baruwa was engaged by the DLI, noted that the term of his contract did not include providing him an office facility.

“He was engaged for project supervising. He was supposed to come to the institute to collect documents to work with and leave. Even if he had to interact with students, such was supposed to be limited to the Institute premises,” he added.

He said that the accused had never taught in the DLI where the alleged rape took place or any other department of the institution.  He said that the university was unfortunately linked to the saga.

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