Alicia Keys accused of copyright infringement for “Girl on Fire”

Alicia Keys has set fire to the powder by appropriating a part of a song to add it to the tube.
The singing superstar was sued for his “Girl on Fire” last week after a blogger Showbiz411 noted: “Alicia sings a verse or two of the mythical title of 1970 with Eddie Holman“Hey There Lonely Girl “” without mentioning his name, according to E! News.
“The title was written by Leon Carr and Earl Shuman , who are both in heaven rock’n’roll, “wrote Roger Friedman.
But ultimately, Shuman is alive.

Lyricist contacted Friedman in November, leaving this comment to his post: “Hi Roger, I am the co-composer of” Hey There Lonely Girl “and I appreciate that you have recognized an extract therefore” Lonely Girl “on the new title of Alicia Keys. Thanks for your expertise. Incidentally, although my friend Leon Carr is the paradise of Rock’n’Roll, I am still here on this earth to write songs. “
Shuman is then passed to the action, based primarily on the message of Friedman.
Although Friedman has noted, at baseline (before deleting this line) “Keys uses only two seconds [” Hey There Lonely Girl “] but it helps to keep the title,” the complaint noted that “two seconds” is incorrect, but the rest of the article is “relevant”.
Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Corporation of America is part of the defendants in this case.


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