Alex Ekubo Is Searching For The Right Woman


Ladies get in here!!! you might be the one Johnny is looking for! Alex Ekubo the popular Nigerian Actor and Model in a recent interview with VillageSquare he revealed that that he is single and ready to mingle, he said he is searching for the right one, he also made it clear that he is not a heartbreaker. Read What he said below….

According to him, “I am single for now, still searching; searching for that right one that can handle all these greatness that I have in-built in me.

“I am a handful. I am the kind that makes sure this and that must be proper, must be done right. I am not a heart breaker, I am a sweetheart. Look at my eyes,”


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  3. Underbara bilder! Man kan verkligen se det vackra i allting!!!Samma trötthet här. Jag beundrar min son som går upp tidigast av oss alla och inte klagar någonting. Själv hasar jag mig upp och är en aning bitter varje morgon. Men det brukar vara tungt en period sedan kommer man väl förhoppningsvis in i det hela. Hoppas det går bra med dansen ikväll då. Det kanske finns något för mammor också :)Kram, Jenny

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