A Gentle Reminder That Miley Cyrus Is One Helluva Songwriter


A Gentle Reminder That Miley Cyrus Is One Helluva Songwriter

In case you forgot.

Miley Cyrus might currently be best known for her anything-and-everything-goes-right-now public persona. But true Smilers know that underneath all the neon and cray she puts on display — which we love by the way, pardon the triple rhyme — she’s a talented and soulful musician who can hold her own within pretty much any genre.

And if you had any doubts about that, she just dropped a three-part sampling of a new song she’s been strumming up, and it’s pretty gorgeous.

The snippets, which she posted on Instagram Friday (Oct. 30) night, seem to be portions of the same new song — and, like the entire Her Dead Petz album, she posted it for free.

In the first bit, she croons, “Everything you say and do/Oh you/Me…”

And in the second, the heartbreak starts to set in when she belts out, “Too infatuated to see/Everything I say and do/Is for oh you.”

Then the third bit aims straight for the feel spots as she sings, “We/Both you and I were meant to be/No matter what we say or go through.”

If that’s not a sweet little romance ditty, we don’t know what is.

Considering all the nice things her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth recently said about her — he toldMen’s Fitness magazine that he thinks of her as “a free spirit” and that his feelings about her might never go away — maybe this is her response?

BRB while we go ugly cry over “The Last Song” some more.

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