8 Way Guys Dodge Girls From Asking Them For Money


After reading this article, some ladies will say only stingy guys do this but the truth is that in a country like this, if you don’t have money at least you should be smart because the standard of living is increasing everyday and the minimum wage remains the same.

However, many guys can’t even boast of two square meals a day, let alone afford other basic needs.

As a result of this, guys employ various excuses to prevent ladies from asking money from them.

1. They claim broke status

I used to do this as an economist. In economics, there’s something we call Scale of Preference, which is applicable to all situation. So when a lady seeks for financial help from me knowing that my well being remains my top priority, I will simply tell her I am broke.

2. They form busy schedule

I always complain of being busy and that I can’t go to the bank.

3. They explain their financial burden to ladies

Immediately a lady demands money from some guys, this is when they will start complaining about their school fees, departmental fees, house rents, etc. This of course will ring a bell to her that ‘shishi’, you no go see for their hand.

4. Falsification of robbery attack

This is a hilarious and blunt way smart guys adopt to dismiss a lady seeking for financial assistance by claiming they were robbed perhaps when returning from work or in his house at midnight.

5. They dress like a struggled person

Since they know that ladies are fascinated by what they see, smart guys at times go on tattered outfit just to discourage ladies from seeking financial assistance.

6. They claim network failure

Often times I have experience this situation from smart guys who use this as an excuse to discourage ladies abruptly. Immediately a lady request for money on the phone, it is when they start accusing Mobile Network providers of poor network coverage and may eventually switch off their phone or swap the sim card to another line.

7. They clarify their location to be at a remote or troubled region

A friend told me of how he friendzoned and relegated a lady pestering him for financial help by claiming he was at the northern part of Nigeria where terrorist attack is prevalent. He said since then the lady has not called him.

8. They become gold digger

As funny as it sounds, some guys will even gold-dig girl. They always complain of no money in their pocket to the extent that the lady that need financial assistance from them will be the one giving them.


Now which one do you find yourself guilty with?

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  1. ope

    You have not met some girls…hell hath no fury like a desperate woman by force by fire you will release the money if you like dress like a mad man they don’t care, you can’t be broke everyday,network won’t fail everyday,you can’t get robbed everyday so one day you will pour the money out..that’s why girls/ladies are being encouraged today to never depend on a guy….make your own money no matter how little it is…they say A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own. So make your own money its better than pursuing guys that will use all this embarrassing lies to burst your brains….and moreover some guys tho,this lies are not needed,if you don’t have just say you don’t why lie….#myopinion#thisliesareterriblehian!

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