7 Reported Dead Including School Children, In Mogadishu Car Bomb Explosion

Car Bomb

Seven people have been reported dead while 10 people were left injured after a car bomb exploded outside a restaurant in Mogadishu, close to the Ministry of Interior and Federal affairs.

It was reported that the blast occured around a car parked near a restaurant close to the Ministry of Homeland Security in central Mogadishu, a police officer Mohammed Ibrahim disclosed.

“There was a huge blast at a tea-shop near the security ministry, the initial information we are getting indicates it was a car bomb explosion,” said Mohammed Ibrahim.

The explosion  destroyed the restaurant to a large extent that the police pulled the bloodied body of a man from the rubble and said there may be more.
Soldiers pushed back a surging crowd and fired in the air to disperse people, Orlando Sentinel reports.

SOT, Abdifatah Halane, Mayor of Mogadishu Spokesperson said: “The car exploded in the restaurant in the opposite of the Ministry of youth and Sports Building, seven people died some of them are children coming from school and much more are injured, the terrorists wanted to kill as many people as they could.”

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack although there are suspicions that the al-Shabab extremists who have vowed to destabilise the country’s new government were behind it.
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Car Bomb  Car Bomb
Car Bomb

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