5 Things You Missed At BigTimi’s Birthday… Story by Levi Adewunmi

    5 Things You Missed At BigTimi’s Birthday… Story by Levi Adewunmi


MC Lake Chad charging up guests with Jokes
    Unlike every regular party, with blaring music as you walk into the venue, Big Timi’s party was a little different. The party started without music. Now you’re thinking, ‘what kind of a party starts without music’? Lol.  Well, Timi’s party did! This is because the so-called DJ came late. Just at this, we needed to improvise. Kudos to those peeps that have mix tape on their phone, it was useful! MC Lake Chad and Young MC were the saviour of this moment by keeping guests in ecstasy with Hilarious Jokes. After all the goodies, mushy stuff was shared; the venue was lit with music from a helpful phone. Trust Nigerians, they showed their dancing skills.
    For y’all that was absent, you definitely did miss something about Timilehin that you don’t see every day. His version of the Godwin dance was EPIC!  Korede Bello needs to combat this!


    Not until Sunday, did I eat one thing that looks like  ‘ponmo’ and tastes like pie. I don’t even know the name, but I can guarantee that it was delicious. For those who were absent, thank you very much for not coming, because there was enough for everyone to eat and take home. The drinks were on point. STAR RADLER was present! I’m pretty sure not too many people has had a taste of this fusion of Lager and Citrus Juice with 2% ALC. Well, you had the chance to, but unfortunately, you missed BigTimi’s birthday.


    The picture speaks for itself. Everyone who knows Timilehin Bello would see him as a gentle, calm, patient, easygoing person.  Like the Yoruba’s would say ‘ko le je nkan kan tan’. Well, all these descriptions of Timilehin is very true. But one part that we all do not know is the brutal side of Big Timi. He had a very beautifully decorated cake for his birthday. As you’d expect someone of his size and attribute to be, he turned out to be a professional stabber as he dug a large hole in his beautiful cake with a kitchen knife. Lol.  One would have thought Timi has been stabbing for long. Lol!
Fun peeps at BigTimi’s Birthday


    One of the most notable part at Timi’s birthday was networking. Friends from different spheres of life were present to celebrate this young man. Among the people present was the delectable Destiny De Souza of CoolFm 96.9. For everyone who listens to radio, you’d probably bite your finger for this. It was fun times to take selfie with someone I’ve always listen to. Just when the night got darker, another respectable OAP, actor and comedian walked in… Yaw! Yaw! Yaw! We all ate, drank and danced the whole night. Away from the celebrity talk, at Timi’s party, everyone who came as a single person had a partner at the end of the day.  I’m not talking man-to-man, woman-to-woman.  I mean man and woman.  You’re thinking, is it not a one-night thing?  To clear your doubt, I walked away with a beautiful person and we’re sure still in communication. So to y’all that missed it. Sorry. Networking was 100%.


    The venue, which was Elegushi beach, had the perfection that was needed for a party such as this. The cool breeze blowing through human shirts was simply epic. The view when the sky got darker was super epic. It had the touch of weather for two… Oh my thrillingly terrific self seek love…

In all, it was an amazing night, felt good to have celebrated someone who have contributed into the lives of many.

Happy Birthday Once Again Timi.

To everyone reading this and feels it’s coming late, I’m sorry, I had to stay up all night to write this.

See fun photos below:

Tayo Bello, Ayo Abiri and BigTimi
Oba, Bigtimi & Feyi



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Social PR Enthusiast, Steven
Hayubz & Steven
Ajuka Peniel, Bigtimi & Feyi



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