5 Things That Might Happen To Adele’s #Hello If Cover Version Continues

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Ever since Adele released her sizzling single titled ‘Hello’, everyone including other top music artistes have jumped on the track making cover of the original. In Nigeria, More than 10 artistes including Omawumi, Praiz, Niyola, Chigurl e.t.c. have dropped cover of the track Hello.

In view of this, here are five things that might happen to Adele’s Hello if the cover version continues…

  1. The song will get boring
  2. No one will ever want to listen to Hello again.
  3. Fans will prefer cover versions to the original track itself.
  4. Cover version might surpass original track Youtube views.
  5. Hello will win a grammy next year!

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  1. ope

    Lol…it will obviously win a Grammy…Nigerian artists should even stop doing their own version…they should focus on their own song…..won’t it be great if other people are doing a cover/version of a Nigerian artist song?….they should just focus on making good music

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