5 Things I Discovered About Sapele, Delta State


Star Music Trek Crew

On Saturday, August 8th 2015, I was present in Sapele, Delta State where the 2nd leg of 2015 Star Music Trek phase 2 took place. We’d gone to Sapele by road from Lagos. It was an adventurous journey. I’m not a lover of road travel but it did worth it’s while. So I don’t bore you with my travel dos and don’t, let me quickly tell you 5 things I discovered about Sapele that you might or might not know. And the first is….
1. Starch and Banga Is their Favorite Food 
‘Madam you get starch? Please mix am with Banga, add fish’. That’s the major word you’d hear when you stop by a canteen to get well fed. I’ve never had a taste of Starch and Banga. I knew I wasn’t  going to try it. So I stuck to Pounded Yam & Banga. Cool stuff right? Man no fit come chop and purge na. Now you know their favorite food. Up to the next one…
2. Ladies There are Like Men 
That moment when you travel to a state you’ve never been to, you’d want to meet new peeps. If you are a guy, you’d want to meet a lady. On getting to Sapele, my first stop was the hotel. Quite observant. I noticed some extra muscle. Later in the evening I went to the beer village. ‘Today na today, man must see one girl talk to’. That was the determination I was carrying on my mind. I was disappointed. It wasn’t a good day. Se’xy wasn’t the reveal. Have you heard of ‘Aki na Ukwa’? Lol best way to express what I was seeing. Lady yam legs! Ladies appeared like men!
3. Pidgin is their Language
‘Abi you dey mad?’. That’s exactly how they speak it. Sharp tongue they’ve  got. Very smooth. I thought  i have seen it all when I served in Benin in 2013. This one is more splifik. They are keeping their pidgin game . I salute.
4. Rough Guys All Around
On arrival in Sapele, a friend of mine had called me on phone and warned me not to flaunt my iPhone and be feeling like one Lagos boy in Sapele. In her words ‘Sapele Boys are not smiling’. Well cautioned me arrived there and was mentally alert to anything or anyone that might want to play a fast one on me. On getting to the beer village, boys all around. I  judged them by looking at their faces, deciding who was good and who was not.The place was very crowded. I played a rough lagos boy with a bony face and walked like a thug. It worked. The rough guys didn’t attack me.
5. They Drink Beer. 
‘Why them carry the show come Sapele nau? We for do am for Abraka’ said Boy A. ‘abegiiiii Abraka no dey drink beer nau. Sapele dey drink beer’ said LADY B.
I confirm what she said. Sapele can drink beer. Everyone around the beer village or at the show proper had a bottle of Star.
The Trek moves to Benin this weekend. Ogbemudia Stadium. August 15th.
The Trek Benin Rocks

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