45 Year Old Man Set On Fire Over Dog Argument

45 Year Old Man Set On Fire

A man who was set on fire by his neighbour is currently battling for his life at the hospital in yet another shocking incident which took place on Tuesday.

A 45-year-old man in Australia is in a bad condition after he was set on fire by a neighbour during a heated argument over a dog, local police said on Wednesday.
The incident happened in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, on Tuesday.
Police said the attacker, 41, released his two dogs on a couple he was having the argument with and then drenched the male with a flammable liquid before setting him on fire.
“The victim has erupted in flames on his face, chest, arms and torso,’’ police said, describing his injuries as“permanent and horrendous”.
The female also sustained injury when trying to help the victim.
The suspect was later arrested and charged by police with throwing an explosive with intent to disfigure or cause serious body damage.
A court was told that the alleged attacker was the subject of an active warrant in the state of South Australia regarding an alleged assault with a weapon.

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