4 UNIPORT students beaten to death for allegedly stealing phones and laptops

Four University of Port Harcourt students named Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka were this morning beaten to death by indegenes of Aluu community for allegedly stealing phones and laptops in an off campus hostel…

Instead of calling the police and getting them arrested, people of this community beat these students who were not even armed until they stopped breathing. Then they took pictures, filmed it and spread it around. This happened today in PH. We are gradually losing our humanity in this country. The boys were all in their early 20s. I hope some people get arrested for this. More photos after the cut…*viewer discretion advised*

Download Video Here


  1. Anonymous

    The people of Aluu community has done the greatest abomination before God and man. For waking up to lynch future hopes of this country, They will never have any graduate from that community,and if by mistake they produce any, they will run mad.How can people be this wicked in this age. Imagine woman in a scene of such cruelty. The police should ensure that those behind this dastardly act are brought to book quickly.

  2. fabolous

    i believe the parents of the dead students have all placed all sorts of curses on the people that killed those young,and future hopes of this country.. every man,woman, boy, girl that were there watching and couldnt stop the cannibals. i know they will never know peace in that community, and such will happen to all their genarations.. the more i read about this incident, the more i feel more anger and hatred for the people of ALLU.. UNIPORT students, you guys shouldnt rest one bit until you wipe off the whole of ALUU community. burn all their houses and destroy everything you see. I DEY PARRAAA SO BAD, AND I DONT CARE WAT ANYONE MIGHT BE THINKING BOUT ME.. HABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. this video is on CNN AND BBC…

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