25 Year Old Girl Gone Missing After SOS Call To Her Cousin In Nasarawa state


A 25 year old Girl of Nasarawa State Polytechnic Lafia named Suzan Luka has gone missing since last Friday, February 24th.

Suzan lived with her cousin in Lafia and goes to school from home daily.

According to a Source who spoke to LIB, Suzan’s elder cousin who she lived with got a call from a frightened Suzan on the day she went missing, explaining that on her way home she met two guys and a lady by the roadside, smoking.

One of the guys called out to her  but out of fear she ran for safety and hid in an uncompleted building from where she was making the call.

She said she told frightened Suzan  not to move that she was on her way to meet her at the uncompleted building but on getting there with her security guards, they started shouting her name, looked for her but she was not found, the source told LIB.

Since then, Suzan is yet to be found, no one has called with claims of her whereabout, friends have been contacted, the police have also been involved in the case, yet, so far, it has yielded no result.

“We thought if they were kidnappers they should have called by now to demand ransom but nobody has called. We have been calling her phone and sending messages but we have not been able to reach her. Some of the messages deliver but we don’t get reply,” LIB was informed by the source.

Please, if you have any information that could help the authorities to find Suzan, kindly get in touch with the police.

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