20 Things You Can Do in Calabar

So, I was reading through New Telegraph’s newspaper this morning, December 12th, 2015 and I came across this- 20 Things To Do in Calabar.

I decided to share!


  1. Take a both ride
  2. See the endangered Monkeys
  3. Picnic at the Kwa Falls
  4. Tour the Slave History Museum
  5. Tour the Old Residency Museum
  6. Enjoy a Barbeque at Aqua Vista Resort
  7. Shop for Fresh Seafood
  8. Enjoy the best of local bush meat
  9. Calm Your Body
  10. Enjoy the night life
  11. Visit the areas that never sleeps
  12. The Old Calabar Mini-Tour Circuit
  13. Watch a film – and a river
  14. Enjoy a taste of art and culture
  15. Dine with the nobles
  16. Journey back in time
  17. Go golfing
  18. Join the Suburban Happy Hour
  19. Enjoy Tasty Calabar Cuisine
  20. Enjoy Fifty Shades of Suya

More details from Calabar State Tourism Bureau

Credit: New Telegraph Travel and Tourism Editors

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