14-Year-Old Boy Finds 6-Weeks-Old Baby In A Shoe Box

14-Year-Old Boy Finds 6-Weeks-Old Baby In A Shoe Box

According to the police, a 14-year-old boy identified as Franklin Ulloa, was reportedly watching TV at home when he heard the cry of a baby on the back porch of their Long Island home, shortly before 9P.M. He hurriedly alerted his parents who saw the new born baby crying in a shoe box.

Authorities are yet to find out who is responsible for abandoning the child on Thursday outside the house in the Suffolk County hamlet of Brentwood.

The family found the baby in a shoe box wrapped in a blanket, with a bottle of milk. According to the boy’s father, he covered the baby with the blanket, walked out of the house but didn’t find anyone around. They had no other choice than to inform the police.

The baby was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors said she’s in good health. Authorities notified Child Protective Services, and Suffolk County Police have asked for the public’s help in offering information in the case.

Source: Newsday reported.




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