11 Foods From Your Nigerian Childhood You’ll Probably Never See Again

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**Big Grin** I said ‘probably’ because I’m not totally sure if they’ve all been discontinued or not, but everyone I asked said they haven’t seen them in a long time.

Oh and by the way, if you’ve actually eaten all 11 things on this list, you’re OLD sha…

#1 – Coconut Cookies


They were so good. You can never buy one of this, you buy it in 10s then. LOL!

#2 – Speedy


Lol! This was my brother’s first biscuit. He would pour it in his pocket then and eat it one by one. LOL!

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  1. Emmanuel 'Femi

    waoh…. luv dem lyk xpecially glucoze, d old coaster biscuit, den d banana chew gum.,… dey re very cheap lyk…. nd d coconut biscuit den re alwayz full n d nylon bt nw u might even count dem…….. twaz fun den…..

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