10 Suprising facts about Mohammad Ali



On february 25, 1964, the brash 22-year-old boxer Cassius Clay stunned the sport world by defeating reigning heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in Miami Beach. Mohammad Ali fulfilled his promise to ”float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. See 10 suprising fact about his 20th century below.

1) A red and white schwinn bicycle launched his boxing career.
2) He was originally named in honor of a white abolitionist.
3) Before becoming known as Mohammad Ali he changed his name to CASSIUS X.
4) Ali was banned from boxing for three years.
5) Ali started in a Broadway musical.
6) He recorded an album of spoken verse.
7) Ali has Irish roots.
8) He fought one of his most famous bouts at 4am.
9) His Olympic gold medal may be submerged on a river bottom.
10) The gloves he wore to defeat Liston earned him more money than the victory.


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